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Heisman Trophy Television Special
Heisman Trophy Television Special
The annual one hour prime time documentary that pioneered the first live press conference announcement format for a sports award in network television history. Now in its 20th year, this feature remains the climax element of the Heisman Trophy Television Special. The program received two Emmy Award nominations. The Heisman Moments series, broadcast during college play-by-play on CBS, has also been produced by the company

Brady authored and produced the first definitive literature on the Trophy in the form of a video documentary and a retrospective book. The book, published by Atheneum, achieved Book of the Month Club status.

Brady sold its Heisman TV property rights in 1990.

The Forbes Report
The Forbes ReportA daily short form news and information radio program produced by Brady between 1993 and 1995 based on the editorial resources of the magazine. Steve Forbes and Caspar Weinberger were regular contributors. Production, syndication and marketing functions were performed in-house.

Weather Forecast Network Weather
The Weather ChannelBrady founded the first national weather conditions network in the radio industry. The network provides live local forecast segments daily to its affiliated stations throughout the United States. It grew to deliver the largest audience of any commercial radio or TV weather service in the country. AccuWeatherInitially a license was obtained for The Weather Channel brand name. Brady operated the business from 1992 to 1996 and then sold its network assets to AccuWeather.

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