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The First Smart 
Communications Medium

Internetworx is the developer of the LivAlert System, a proprietary desktop communications medium. LivAlert permits sources of news and information to deliver requested content directly to individual desktops immediately. Requested content may also be transmitted to wireless mobile appliances.     

Business, major media and the government infrastructure license LivAlert software to enable direct distribution of content, to individuals or, selectively, to mass audiences. LivAlert has the capacity to specifically identify and sort content requests to individuals anywhere in the world. Licensing of the LivAlert System is performed by category targeted resellers as well as by Internetworx.

Content applications may be customized to meet the objectives of each licensee. Typically, LivAlert is used to immediately forward, with user permission, breaking local news headlines, public emergency alerts, confidential personal/information or business data, stock portfolio status and interactive online mail/communications.

On-Line Interactive Financial Network

Under a joint venture that included AT&T and McDonnell Douglas, during the mid 1970's Brady participated in the development of the first interactive stock quote system directly available to the public. The service, known as Phone Quote, utilized the then recently introduced touch tone telephone as a digital keypad. On-line stock quotes were secured 24 hours daily directly from an interactive mainframe application financed and programmed by the venture partners. Subscription fees and on-line advertising provided the revenue streams.

“It's Not A Job...It's An Adventure”

The original US Navy recruitment advertising theme, “It’s Not A Job ... It’s An Adventure,” utilized continuously between 1978 and 1990 in radio, television and print media, was created by Brady.

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